AQUAFLOR FIRENZE a Venezia per la prestigiosa mostra HOMO FABER

L’evento Homo Faber, dal 14 al 30 settembre a Venezia, avrà un proprio logo olfattivo, un profumo che al pari del logo grafico renderà l’evento unico e riconoscibile al naso oltre che agli occhi.

A creare il profumo d’ambiente per l’importante manifestazione veneziana è la casa di profumeria fiorentina Aquaflor, che ha interpretato il “fare artigianale” con una nuova fragranza dal nome Homo Faber.




Spicy floral accord of linden, elemi and black pepper


Orange blossoms, Damascus rose, geranium, cedar and rose woods


white musk and ambergris

In addition to the collaboration or the olfactory logo, Aquaflor has been selected by the Michelangelo Foundation as one of the twenty luxury artisans that will introduce the audience to the various technique intimately connected to its history and ethics. In the "Discovering and Rediscovering" section twenty artisanal crafts selected by Institute National des Metiers d'Art (INMA) in Paris will be on display.

At Homo Faber, Aquaflor welcomes the visitors in the perfumer's studio. The perfumery house stand recreates the working environment of a "nose", with all the tools necessary to create a fragrance: the olfactory organ (the collection of raw materials and essential oils), a precision scale , the formulas, mouillettes and touches to experience and evaluate the fragrances. Visitors will thus be able to get to know the work of the perfumer closely and confront the technical and creative skills necessary to the creation and production of a perfume.

Antonio Artese