Expert advice: 5 secrets to create your own custom fragrance

Creating your own custom perfume is a unique experience, a journey of self-discovery as well as a complete immersion in the mysterious and fascinating world of perfumery. The perfumer's ability to accompany you on this journey is fundamental, but equally important is also the level of security and self-knowledge you possess. Sometimes you may feel confused or insecure about the prospect of creating your own personal fragrance, so here are five tips from our Fragrance Specialist to make the best of this wonderful experience!

1- Start with a clear idea of what you want to achieve: before starting a custom fragrance creating session, it can be very useful to take some time and think about what you expect to achieve, so that the perfumer can guide the choice of various olfactory components in the right direction. Ask yourself what you like, how you feel and how you want to be perceived, what fragrances you use and what type of olfactory family you prefer.

2- Don't let yourself be influenced: a custom perfume is something completely personal, that should be able to reflect the tastes and personality of the person wearing it. That's why it's important to trust your instincts and not to be influenced by prejudices or other people's opinions. There are no right or wrong choices, what really matters is knowing how to follow your own tastes and feelings.

3- Be open-minded: creating a personal fragrance is first and foremost an experience through which you can discover and learn more about the world of perfumery, so be open to experimenting with fragrances and ingredients that you may never have considered before.

4- Have fun! If you're feeling indecisive, don't get anxious: relax, enjoy the experience and follow your emotions. There's no need to get performance anxiety! And if you do feel stuck, rely on the perfumers' experience and let them guide you with their advice.

5- The extra tip: to get the best results, wait at least one month before trying your custom perfume!



Create your own fragrance with Aquaflor workshops

In line with our artisanal vocation, we have created different workshop formulas, olfactory experiences where participants have the opportunity to be introduced to the mysterious and subtle world of fragrances, learning secrets and techniques of artisanal perfumery and creating their own made-to-measure perfume.

Bar a Parfums: a unique individual session with one of our specialists to create your signature scent having access to an olfactory organ of 48 different bases.

Couple Workshop: an exclusive couple session in a unique and private atmosphere to create two personal fragrances exploring over 60 base essences.

Private Workshop: a private session with one of our specialists. The customer will have access to a wide olfactory organ, with over 80 raw materials and different bases for the creation of their own fragrance.