Niche rose perfumes

Precious and delicate, the rose is one of the pillars of perfumery. The olfactory notes it releases have enchanted us for centuries, enveloping the mind with nuances that are impossible to replicate. The potential of this exceptional ingredient is best expressed in niche rose perfumes, where high-quality raw materials are blended to obtain fascinating and unique olfactory pyramids.

What makes the flower incomparable is also its extreme versatility, which enables combinations with sparkling and sweet, powdery and marine notes. An infinite palette of possibilities that makes the rose the undisputed queen of perfumery.

Characteristics of the rose perfume

There are many varieties of rose used by master perfumers, each with its own essence and personality. Among the most famous are the Damascus rose, a lingering aroma with light hints of spices, and the Moroccan rose, which has always been appreciated for its energetic character and the allure of freshness it gives to each blend. Perfect for the summer period.

Although this flower is a symbol of femininity, the varieties with the most intense aroma are also used for men's rose perfumes with warm and mysterious olfactory pyramids. Fragrances that do not go unnoticed.

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