Niche perfumes

Aquaflor niche perfumes exemplify the ancient perfume tradition of Florence. Each fragrance is handcrafted in our laboratories using the highest quality raw materials. Exclusive and unique, Aquaflor niche perfumes are made using artisan techniques that have allowed us to combine the ideals of beauty that typify niche cosmetic products. Continue your journey through the online niche perfumes and fragrances. Discover the world of Aquaflor niche perfumes: let yourself be inspired by rare and precious essences from every corner of the world.

What are niche perfumes?

Niche perfumes are defined as all those fragrances made using artisan techniques that make each perfume unique, original and precious. The history of niche perfumes began in Italy in the 19th century thanks to the spread of handcrafted perfumes with citrus and floral notes. Today niche perfumes are made with different types of fragrance notes: exotic aromas, spices, leather, natural roots and essences, all selected from the best and unique fragrances in the world. Looking for perfumes online and don't know what to choose? Follow our suggestions and buy a luxury, elegant and high-quality perfume.

Niche perfumes for women

Niche perfumes are great for both men and women. Everyone should choose fragrances that best express their individual personality. Choosing a niche perfume means choosing timeless elegance. The best niche perfumes for women are distinguished by their perfect natural balance, with shades of nature and romance. For women, Aquaflor recommends perfumes such as Invisible, which has a round and candid profile but leaves an indelible trace. For women who love long-lasting niche perfumes, we recommend Jasmine perfume with the aphrodisiac sensuality of its unmistakably intense and narcotic floral note, or the niche perfume Jalousie, with its essence of spring. Characterized by sparkling citrus and mint notes that contrast the tenderness of the gentle petals of the Florentine iris.

Niche perfumes for men

Among the most celebrated niche perfumes for men is Pathos, which is distinguished by the long-lasting quality of its heart notes. A classic niche perfume for the man who is always in the spotlight. High-quality raw materials and balanced composition characterize the perfumes Corps Diplomatique and Beirout, two long-lasting fragrances with exuberant accords. Both are part of the Aquaflor Nobili Collection.

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