Amber perfumes

Warm and sensual, amber perfumes have complex and sophisticated olfactory pyramids that leave behind them lingering trails. In fact, amber gives fragrances a particular roundness, which is associated with oriental and mysterious scents. These excellent qualities make it one of the most popular ingredients in niche perfumery, both for blends aimed at men and for those worn by the fairer sex. But when it comes to ensuring that you're wearing the best amber perfume, it's the quality of the ingredients that is key. Aquaflor amber perfumes are the choice of the discriminating.

Characteristics of amber perfumes

Amber perfumes are perfect for those who want a fragrance capable of bewitching and seducing. Depending on its balance, it reflects various facets of this particular essence. The fragrance is complex, combining woody and sweet elements, with hints of vanilla as well as being slightly spicy.

Characteristics that make amber an essential element in oriental perfumes. Long-lasting blends, excellent for the coldest months of the year, when the fragrance has the delicate task of heating the room and enhancing the personality of the wearer.

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