Lavender perfumes

Used as a room fragrance since the Middle Ages, lavender is synonymous with calmness and serenity. Thanks to its relaxing properties, it is widely used in cosmetics, from soaps to colognes, as well of course as in lavender perfumes.

The plant’s unmistakable aroma gives the olfactory pyramid intense floral notes, with green nuances perfectly combining with rich bouquets. The ideal ingredient for natural sprays in the hottest months of the year.

Characteristics of lavender perfume

The aromatic quality of lavender assumes various forms depending on where it originates from. The plants grown in the fertile land of Provence have sweeter and more floral fragrance notes. However, in the lavender perfume obtained with the essence of Dutch flowers pungent camphor is detectable, which makes the perfume stronger and more enduring.

The ancient and fascinating nature of lavender has always been popular among women, but its discreet and elegant scent also makes it a key ingredient in perfumes for men. Intoxicating compositions in which this precious flower is showcased by sparkling marine notes and by the warmth of spicy notes such as pepper and cinnamon. Unexpected combinations that capture the boldest hearts.

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