Fruity perfumes for men and women

Sparkling and sweet, fruity perfumes express all the facets of femininity. From scents with an exotic character, where the senses are conquered by intense aromas such as those of mango and papaya, up to the olfactory pyramids designed to enhance the sweetness of pear, peach or coconut.

The juicy and lively notes of fruit are perfect to wear in the hottest months of the year, which is why we often talk about fruity summer perfumes. Thanks to the presence of round but not heavy sillage, which are the result of balanced combinations such as white musk and ambergris.

Although they are recognized as women's fragrances, in addition to fruity women's fragrances there are variations for men. In this case, the fruity notes are mainly concentrated on citrus fruits and the base has strong woody scents.

Characteristics of fruity perfume

The fruity perfumes give energy and good mood, which is why they are much appreciated by sunny and spontaneous people. They are mainly worn in the warm months, due to their innate freshness and the reminder of the summer, associated with ripe fruit.

This kind of jus is also used as ambient fragrance, bringing a breath of joy into the house. When it is designed to perfume rooms, the fruity perfume sees the top and heart notes as predominant, composed mainly of fruit and flowers.

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