Oriental perfumes

Overwhelming and mysterious, oriental perfumes are distinguished by their warm and spicy fragrances, combined with notes capable of enhancing their exotic charm. There are many possible combinations: from musks to woody perfumes to floral essences. So many precious ingredients capable of endowing the fragrance with delicate and seductive nuances.

Indeed what distinguishes sensual oriental perfumes is their combination of sweet notes and spicy essences. A blend that gives rise to strong and heady olfactory pyramids, leaving behind it a lingering and unforgettable trail. A single spray is enough to bring a touch of adventure and mystery to the day.

Characteristics of oriental perfume

Spices, amber and woods are the most common ingredients in oriental perfumes, which is why we often speak of oriental woody perfumes. In truth, this olfactory family brings together a large number of blends, in the form of spicy perfumes for women and more virile fragrances for men.

Oriental perfume is generally the choice of the more daring amongst us who do not want to go unnoticed. After all, the particular composition of these fragrances is designed to amaze, combining as it does sweet notes such as vanilla and cocoa with vibrant and spicy essences. It is here that cloves, saffron, pepper, cardamom and numerous varieties of leather and musk are best expressed.

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