Jasmine perfumes

Intense and seductive, jasmine is one of the finest ingredients in perfumery. It is mainly used for niche essences, but its unmistakable aroma is known to many. After all, the hypnotic sweetness of the flower makes any jasmine perfume unforgettable.

Beloved by women, this flower gives a decisive floral essence, enriched by light fruity nuances. An intoxicating and sensual mix, perfect for building warm olfactory pyramids, to be worn in autumn and winter.

However, nothing prevents you from using perfumes with jasmine in the milder months, perhaps opting for green and aromatic accords. A bold choice, suitable for those who love to experiment.

Characteristics of jasmine perfume

The intriguing Mediterranean references of jasmine give character to the olfactory pyramids that focus on floral notes, but also to blends with an oriental taste, where it enhances spicy olfactory notes such as myrrh, incense and cloves.

However, this double soul of jasmine is only one of the distinctive features of the flower, which in addition to being extremely beautiful requires special care for the extraction of the essential oil. Unlike other plants, a process called enfleurage is required to obtain the fragrance. More than eight million flowers are needed for one kilo of jasmine essence.

It is for this characteristic that jasmine perfume is generally associated with niche perfumery, where high quality and care for raw materials are essential.

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