Musky scents

Unforgettable and capable of evoking the scents of the undergrowth, musky perfumes are distinguished by the persistence and strength of the olfactory notes that compose them. Their decisive character is due to the ancestral charm of the various variations of musk, which distinguishes between natural musks and ingredients that reproduce the aroma of animal musk.

The vegetable essences and woody perfumes are striking the sense of smell, which give the perfume bitter and balsamic nuances. But there are also earthy and smoky scents, up to olfactory leathery notes, used frequently to maximize the vegetal musky aroma in a man's musky perfume.

Characteristics of musky perfume

The so-called animal musk (aka musk) is generally used in men's fragrances. Its opulent and virile aroma binds to different olfactory notes, giving lovers of niche perfumery a vast choice in terms of combinations. There are musky perfumes with hints of leather for those looking for a blend that communicates passion, while if you want a perfume with an oriental character, the combinations of amber and animal musk are a must have.

In the feminine musky fragrances, the protagonists of the olfactory pyramids are the vegetable ingredients, such as white musk and oakmoss. These are enveloping and delicate essences, in particular the white musk perfume usually includes woody or powdery nuances, expressed by warm and persistent jus.

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