Woody perfumes for men and women

Evocative and irresistible, the woody scents recall the sensations experienced in contact with uncontaminated nature. Energetic olfactory pyramids and sillage with strong wood accents blend in various with a high mystical effect.

The combination of these elements finds its synthesis in vigorous and intense fragrances, concentrated on natural olfactory notes, such as herbaceous and woody ones. Ideal for the man who wants to wear the primitive charm of nature.

And for the female audience? For some years now, perfumes with woody flavors have no longer been an exclusive prerogative of men. Various are dedicated to women with aromatic fragrances and floral fragrances, which give roundness to the fragrance, dampening the hardness of the woods.

Characteristics of woody perfume

Bold and enveloping, the woody fragrances are characterized by rich and multifaceted olfactory pyramids. Depending on the woods they focus on, you will also find very different results. Dry woods such as cedar and vetiver enhance strong and dynamic personalities. While the softness of sandalo and patchouli gives sophisticated and opulent sillages, excellent for building a woody women's perfume that remains etched in the memory.

The natural charm of woody perfumes also lends itself to room fragrances. There is nothing better than a natural and green bouquet to bring the energy and freshness of spring back into the home, with intense and delicate notes for a marked but never heavy olfactory signature.

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