Iris perfumes

One of the main romantic and refined fragrances, the iris is one of the flowers most appreciated by lovers of niche perfumes. Its delicate freshness captivates with rich nuances, ranging from green notes to woody hints. In fact, the family of iris perfumes reflects an olfactory kaleidoscope that enchants anyone who prefers natural fragrances.

It is precisely for these characteristics that iris flower essence is often used in blends for home fragrances. Added to this are the flower's relaxing properties, whose velvety scent makes it an ideal accompaniment to meditation.

Characteristics of iris perfume

The presence of the flower in the olfactory pyramid gives iris perfumes a unique powdery scent, which can be showcased in blends with a modern twist or in original perfumes for those with retro tastes. Indeed, the potency of the essence brings to mind ancient, elegant times, just like the plant from which it is extracted.

Among the best iris perfumes that Aquaflor recommends, we cannot fail to mention the Luludhi Perfume, an olfactory tribute to the iris, the symbolic flower of the city of Florence.

One of the distinctive characteristics of iris flower essence is that it is obtained from the rhizomes, which is the part of the stem that remains underground. This is the source of the most intense and earthy nuances, which cannot be reproduced synthetically. That's why those who want to treat themselves to the best iris perfume should only buy niche perfumes, where the quality of the ingredients underpins every creation.

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