Aromatic perfumes

Aromatic perfumes are a blend of the green notes of herbaceous essences and the warmth of spices. Blends that feature essences such as lavender, sage, laurel and rosemary. Their freshness and natural flavour are suitable for any time of year, although the composition of the olfactory pyramid can change significantly from one fragrance to another.

For spring and summer, the most popular perfumes are those in which aromatic herbs blend with the sweetness of notes such as honey and coconut. While for the colder months, the perfumes of choice are those with robust woody scents and balsamic nuances

Characteristics of aromatic perfumes

Aromatic perfumes were originally everyday fragrances for men, though still suitable for special occasions. For years now they have also been worn by bold-spirited women who are happy to replace traditional floral blends with aromatic and decisive olfactory pyramids.

The ancient charm of aromatic herbs is best expressed in the combination with intense and oriental olfactory notes such as sandalwood, patchouli, amber and tonka bean. Perfect for highlighting the natural freshness of the green shades of aromatic herbs, with a base of warmth for an intense and lingering trail.

The thousand faces of natural fragrances are most clearly expressed in niche Aquaflor perfumery , found in eau de parfum, moisturizing waters, colognes, home fragrances and soaps.

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