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Leather perfumes

Intense and with a noble allure, the leather perfumes are distinguished by their natural and virile character.

This olfactory family includes fragrances with leather accords and hints of tobacco, dry and burnt woods. Inevitable is the birch, traditionally linked to leather fragrances, because the wood of this plant was used to tan leather. To give special nuances to the leather perfume is also the presence of musks, which enhance its strong and virile aroma. Floral and sweet notes such as jasmine, vanilla and amber balance the sillage.

Characteristics of leather perfume

The uniqueness of leather perfume is the result of the particularity of the raw materials from which the essences are extracted. The ancestral charm of tanned leather conquers and surprises the sense of smell from the very first vaporizations. The strength of this particular olfactory note takes on a more sensual touch in the blends dedicated to the female audience.

Fragrances for women are dominated by floral notes, which accompany the leather to the heart of the olfactory pyramid. But the sweetness of gourmand essences such as vanilla and cocoa is also used to sweeten the sillage. What makes the men's leather perfume unforgettable is instead the perfect balance between the bitter warmth of leather and sparkling and fresh top notes, such as citrus.

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