Home Fragrances

Inspired by the ideals of beauty and uniqueness, all Aquaflor home fragrances make every room smell good. Fresh and precious fragrances that breathe life and well-being into internal and external spaces. Like all Aquaflor creations, the home fragrances are also inspired by the ancient tradition of the Florentine art of perfumery. Among the best, most requested and purchased fragrances are Aquaflor home fragrance, the fragrance of Florence, city of art and Homo Faber Living Treasures a fragrance that celebrates the artistic professions, the master craftsmen and their ancestral knowledge, and showcases their iconic and contemporary status. These are just two examples of the fragrances in our online shop.

Scented sticks

The tradition of Florentine fragrances has been showcased in contemporary creations capable of inspiring and freeing up the mind. Pleasant fragrance notes that intertwine exclusive aromas of spices, leather, roots, citrus fruits and other natural essences. Aquaflor scented sticks are all handmade in the Florence workshop and available in glass with practical reed diffusers. Scented sticks require no maintenance and their scent is released continuously and naturally.

Air fresheners

Created to evoke and arouse emotions, Aquaflor air fresheners contain the best essences and fragrances from all over the world. Different formats are available, from the standard 100ml or 300ml formats for the home or smaller workplaces to the larger 1L or 3L formats for very large areas and open spaces. In our online store you will also find the 500ml and 1 litre refill format, perfect for refilling your favourite air freshener.

Lovers of air fresheners will be happy to discover that they can also buy all Aquaflor air fresheners in 100ml spray format in the classic glass bottle. Choose the best format for your environment!

Like the home fragrances, air fresheners can also be customized by engraving a dedication on the glass bottle. You can choose this exclusive option directly in the online shop during your purchase.

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