Niche gourmand perfumes

Delicious and seductive, gourmand perfumes delight the senses with the sweetness of vanilla, cocoa, caramel, honey, hazelnut, coffee, cinnamon and other delicious olfactory notes. Indeed, these notes are what distinguish gourmand fragrances, whose distinctive features are creaminess and softness, from the classic niche perfumes.

They are popular both for their sweet quality and for the memories they evoke, redolent of the sweet taste of candies, pastries, chocolate and other irresistible tastes that inspire perfume makers. The pleasure they give in terms of their smell pervades every corner of the mind, making these blends essential for those with a sweet tooth.

The gourmand perfume: a delicious fragrance to wear every day

Gourmand perfumes seduce the sense of smell with their sweetness and with a play of warm and spicy nuanced notes that enhance their delicious fragrance. The olfactory pyramid is brought to life by essences that are intense and sweet, floral and sugary. And then the opulence of lingering, oriental and woody base notes, such as patchouli, amber and sandalwood.

As well as blends for people to wear, gourmand perfumes are also used in home fragrances. Indeed it is excellent for bringing a breath of lightness and joy into the home, especially for living areas and children's rooms.

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