Luxury scented candles

Romantic and with a timeless charm, scented candles bring a magical and invigorating atmosphere. Depending on the essences used, the aromas they release communicate calm, energy, warmth and even the aromatic freshness of an evergreen forest.

The delicate persistence of the fragrances binds to the rooms, like a real piece of luxury furniture. Changing the perception of each room, more than a lamp, a carpet or any accessory could do. After all, luxury scented candles are also used to decorate the table in special events, from weddings to Christmas dinner.

The right scented candle for any time of the year

Scented candles have the power to influence our mood, so it's important to be careful when choosing. The fragrances with spicy and citrus accents warm the spirits in the coldest months of the year like Christmas, while those with a marked floral character are perfect for bringing a breath of spring into the home.

Candles with amber and oriental scents, with woody and vibrant notes, are suitable for elegant and sophisticated environments. Those looking for balanced fragrances, to be used both in spring and summer, will find the solution in candles that combine floral and green notes with woody and musky accents.

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