Fresh-smelling skin with body and face moisturizer

p>Healthy skin is the sign of a healthy body and the key to skin care is to restore the psycho-physical balance. For this reason, with the arrival of the warmer months moisturizer becomes a must have: in a single action, it refreshes and hydrates the skin.

The delicate notes and light emulsion of scented body moisturizer are perfect for reviving the skin in the morning. But they can also come into their own after the evening shower, ending the day with something akin to an authentic beauty ritual.

Scented body moisturizer for men and women

The special composition of Aquaflor's body moisturizer makes it ideal for both women and men. For women, it is an essential ally when it comes to skin care during the unforgiving summer, and should be accompanied by sunscreen rather than body cream, which would risk overloading the skin.

For men, scented moisturizers are the solution to deodorize and hydrate the skin without the need to resort to creams and lotions. A practical and easy to use product. Perfect for everyday use and easy to carry around even when not at home, such as when travelling or at the gym.

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