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Furnishings, collectable items, rare objects and flower arrangements. Come and visit the wonders of Flor Decor. If you are interested in a Flor Decor object, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Set of candles

Sets are available in different forms: Set of six candles 30 cm, Set of 8 candles 25 cm.

Candle stick in wood

Candelabro artigianale in stile rinascimentale in legno di pioppo toscano, disponibile anche con parafiamma in vetro.

Marine collection

Natural coral or seashell on a sculpted wooden base.

Botanical collection I

Bundle of Ceylon cinnamon sticks bound with dried flowers.

Botanical collection II

Antique soup tureen in french porcelain filled with a composition of dried flowers.

Botanical collection III

Wicker basket filled with a bouquet of dried flowers.

Botanical collection IV

A round ball composed of dried Persian roses.

Garland of flowers

Shrubs of wood woven with dried flowers of various sizes.

Wooden medicean crowns

Crowns made of antique wood stripped and carved individually available also with wooden base.

Globi collection with seashells

Glass bell jar of various sizes with marine arrangement.

Globi collection with flowers

Glass bell jar in various sizes containing dried flowers

Globi collection with ornaments in wood

Glass bell jar in various sizes containing antique wood ornaments with gold decoration.

Artisanal candle holder

Antique prints embossed on glass of various sizes.

Collection of mirrors I

Mirror in the shape of the sun made of poplar wood with patina of gold entirely handmade.

Collection of mirrors II

Also known as the “witches eye” these mirrors are composed of a wooden frame made of poplar wood with differing patinas entirely handmade and a convex mirror also of varying dimensions.

Wooden ducks

Decoy ducks from the 18th and 19th century decorated by hand.

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