Spicy perfumes

Warm and exuding mystique, spicy perfumes ensnare the senses with their oriental and spicy scent. These fragrances are distinguished by their olfactory notes of pink pepper and black pepper, cardamom, myrrh, frankincense and cloves. Fine ingredients enhanced by citrus accords and woody notes.

T he spicy heart of these particular blends are enhanced by sweet and floral essences, such as those of jasmine, rose and lily of the valley. Essential elements in a balanced olfactory pyramid, which give the fragrance a roundness, at the same time enriching it with delicate and irresistible nuances.

Characteristics of spicy perfume

Extremely popular in winter, spicy perfumes have the ability to warm the senses. The enveloping trail they release remains perceptible for many hours, accompanying the wearer throughout the day.

Spicy perfumes are designed for both men and women, but generally there are differences in the olfactory pyramids. The floral scents are more pronounced in spicy perfumes for women, whereas in spicy perfumes for men the presence of resins and woods is greater. However, the sensual charge is constant, released as if by magic from the first spray.

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