Seduction Collection


3 Perfumes:
- Aphrodisya (fruity + woody)
- Derwish (powdery + musk)
- MM limited edition (musk + floral)

Three perfumes, six fragrances to wear. Each gold collection is a treasure trove of secrets. You can wear the fragrances one at a time or combine them to create new, intriguing scents.

The combinations:

Aphrodisya + derwish
Powdery and enveloping, with an energetic and warm fruity note. This is a winning union, like a sparkling and radiant jewel on the neck of an elegant lady.

Aphrodisya + mm
Innovation and modernity in a single combination. The floral and intriguing notes of mm are combined with the fruity and sunny notes of aphrodisya in an accord that reveals its full-bodied and warm exuberance, like entering a portal into a new world.

Derwish + mm
The maximum exaltation of seduction. The warmth of vanilla with its sweet and woody aromas is combined with the elegance of the delicate notes of rose and jasmine flowers in a narcotic and intense encounter that emanates pure charm.


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