Tips and Tricks: how to properly use reed diffusers for home fragrances

Available in various formats and characterized by an elegant design, Aquaflor reed diffusers are an excellent solution for perfuming your living spaces. Besides being a refined decorative complement, they are practical to use and ensure a continuous fragrance diffusion, thanks to the reed sticks. These sticks become impregnated with the fragrance contained in the diffuser and release it gradually into the air. As a result, the scent becomes an integral part of the environment where the diffuser is placed, giving it personality and character.

Aquaflor ambient fragrances are unique compositions made with high-quality ingredients. However, once you have chosen the most suitable ambient scent for your home, the work is not done. To ensure that the diffuser functions optimally, it's always a good habit to follow some precautions and employ a few tricks to enhance the diffusion. This can be achieved through proper use of the reed sticks and selecting an ideal position that showcases it as a decorative element while allowing it to spread its fragrance effectively in the environment.

Here are our tips on how to make the most of reed diffusers for ambient fragrance:

  • Position the diffuser at a height that is neither too high nor too low, such as on a shelf or table, to allow the fragrance to disperse evenly throughout the room.
  • Remember to rotate the reed sticks periodically (usually once a week) to prolong their absorption and release capacity. This helps facilitate the diffusion of the fragrance and ensures proper maintenance of the sticks, preventing them from wearing out too quickly.
  • Keep the diffuser away from heat sources or excessive airflow. Excessive heat can cause the fragrance to dissipate prematurely, while high airflow (e.g., near a window or fan) may blow away the scent more rapidly.
  • Replace the reed sticks when the fragrance runs out. Their diffusion capacity works through absorption, and when the stick becomes completely saturated with fragrance, it stops absorbing and releasing it. Therefore, it's necessary to remember to replace the sticks periodically, for example, every time the fragrance runs out and the diffuser is refilled.

By following these tips and tricks, you can maximize the effectiveness of reed diffusers in perfuming your living spaces, creating a welcoming and fragrant ambiance.