Peach and fruity florals fragrances

Perfumes belonging to the facet of fruity florals are characterized by an olfactory pyramid made of sweet, light and fruity notes. A mix of essences for gentle fragrances, where the sweetness of the fruit is balanced by the delicacy of the floral elements that give a touch of freshness, often with warm and enveloping base notes that convey a good mood and enthusiasm even on the coldest and darkest winter days.

In this sense, a particularly appreciated aroma is that of peaches, a sweet and juicy fruit whose fragrance immediately evokes a sense of freshness and the joy of summer moments.

Loved since ancient times, there are numerous myths and legends that feature it as a protagonist: a symbol of eternal life for the Chinese and the fruit of the god Harpocrates for the ancient Egyptians, its tree was considered sacred by the Japanese and by many European folk beliefs that focused on its healing properties. The first spontaneous species of peaches were cultivated in China since 2000 BC, then arrived in Persia and finally reached the Mediterranean Europe. The Romans called them "Persian apples," and later Charlemagne promoted their cultivation in monasteries.

Although there are no natural essential oils extracted from peaches, this is perhaps one of the first fruits of which we learned to recreate the aroma: thanks to a particular molecule, gamma-undecalactone, we have the opportunity to appreciate warm, creamy and fruity fragrances that perfectly evoke the fragrance of sun-warmed peach peel. 

Perfumes such as Aphrodisya, a gentle and feminine composition inspired by Venus, or Aphrodite for the ancient Greeks, the goddess of beauty: just like Venus, this perfume embodies the essence of a woman, conferring femininity and sensuality to those who wear it.

The scent opens with the fruity notes of black currant and passion fruit combined with hints of peach and citrus, giving the fragrance an unexpected freshness. In the heart, a sensual tuberose with voluptuous sandalwood heat up the composition that becomes ever more velvety and enveloping. The enigmatic note of patchouli finally gives the scent strength and lasting power on the skin, revealing a soft background of amber and adding further charm to a perfume that is seductive, romantic and audacious.