How to bottled summer? Coconut perfumes

A gentle and enveloping fragrance, capable of evoking summer and transporting our imagination to golden beaches, under the shade of a palm tree: coconut is the essence of summer, an irresistible balance between freshness and sweetness!

Originally from the tropical islands of Southeast Asia, the coconut palm is a tree belonging to the Arecaceae family, widespread throughout the Pacific region with numerous varieties that differ in color, size, and shape of the fruit. During the 16th century, the Portuguese and Spanish who arrived to conquer the western coasts of Central and South America encountered the coconut and began to spread and cultivate it. In the courts of the Old Continent, its juice was considered an authentic elixir of long life and an excellent aphrodisiac for the warm season.

The coconut is a highly versatile and generous fruit: its flesh is rich in minerals and low in sugars, coconut oil is used for hair and body care, and coconut water is an excellent natural supplement thanks to its hydrating properties and abundant amounts of sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Furthermore, through a distillation process, coconut can be used in perfumery to isolate the raw material and obtain the aroma of its fresh flesh. The resulting coconut scent is characterized by an olfactory note that is both light and refreshing, as well as sweet and enveloping.

How can we capture summer in a bottle? At Aquaflor, we have done it by combining the gentle essence of coconut with lavender honey to create a summer fragrance that evokes delicate rhythms, golden sunlight on the beach, and the feel of salt on the skin. Imagine being on a beach in South America or Asia, sitting on a sun lounger, watching the sea, with nature and silence as your companions. Bahia is the memory of a tropical paradise and tells the story of summer with a warm fragrance, featuring floral accents and sweet notes.

The golden facets of lavender honey open the composition, its floral and aromatic touch harmonizing well with the coconut, which sweetens with its delicately milky note. Among the base notes, grey amber releases a hint of saltiness, recalling a calm sea that appears like a mirrored surface. It embodies the sensation of the last ray of sun on the skin before sunset when the heat has already dissipated, and one prepares for the evening.