Citrusy perfumes for women and men

Heady and fresh, citrus perfumes ensnare the sense of smell with sparkling notes and natural flavours, such as those of cedar, bergamot, orange and lemon. Essences that distinguish fragrances exuding purity and energy, perfect for hot summer days.

The dynamic and sunny component of the citrus olfactory notes is the perfect accompaniment to the most lively and vivacious personalities. A constant ingredient for both men and women. That's why, for some time now, men’s, women’s and unisex citrus fragrances have shared the same shelf space.

Characteristics of the citrusy perfumes

The evocative nature of the citrus notes, which recall the beauty and lush greenery of the season, offers perfumers many possibilities to create elegant and sophisticated olfactory pyramids. Because although fruity notes are at the heart of citrus perfumes, they also play on contrasts with warm essences and oriental essences.

There are citruses in which vibrant orange blends with the mysterious charm of ambergris, enriched by unforgettable accents of neroli. And then there are essences in which citrus fruits, black pepper and vetiver combine in a perfect balance, creating an intense and lingering trail.

Finally, among the combinations that best enhance the citrus notes are those containing patchouli, sandalwood and musk:essences that warm the fragrance, but without limiting the energetic effect of the citrus component.

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