B Collection


3 Perfumes:

- Beirout (amber + woody)
- Bakarika (spicy + woody)
- Bahia (amber + aromatic)

Three perfumes, six fragrances to wear. Each Gold collection is a casket of secrets. You can wear the fragrances one at a time or combine them to create new, intriguing scents.


Beirout + Bakarika
A fascinating harmony of patchouli, this is the encounter between two explicit and decisive souls. A crossroads between East and West, a balance between beauty and drama, a robust and ancestral union that gives life to a sincere story until the end. 

Bahia + Beirout
An accord with a slightly exotic, sun-drenched flavor. The voluptuous and silky sweetness of Bahia and the energy of Beirout come together in a swift and soft embrace. 

Bakarika + Bahia
The meeting of these two fragrances is a pleasant surprise, the silky notes of Bahia and the spicy woody Bakarika blend creating a refreshing effect, with a seductively warm heart and a comforting woody finish.


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