Powdery perfumes

Delicate and soft like a cloud of face powder, the powdery perfumes recall the aroma and lightness of this precious dust. It was used in the past by the nobles of the European courts and is still today a key element in the vanity cases of make-up enthusiasts. The reason they are called powdery perfumes is that, wearing them, it seems to be enveloped in a cloud of velvety essences. Imperceptible and elegant, just like powder.

The harmony of the olfactory pyramid of the face powder perfume is the result of the combination of floral and fresh notes, such as those of bergamot and jasmine. But there are also powdery perfumes that focus on the natural sweetness of rose and iris. Among the most used heart notes there are also violet and vanilla. While musks, amber, vetiver and patchouli are used to give strength to the sillage.

Characteristics of chypre perfume

The refinement and roundness of powdery fragrances are often associated with women's powdery perfume, a timeless classic that has bewitched girls and ladies from all over the world for decades. However, powdery perfumes are also suitable for men, with an emphasis on olfactory notes more musky and woody, instead of concentrating the whole fragrance on soft and powdery notes.

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