Rare Collection


3 Perfumes: 
- Hussar (leather + woody)
- Penumbra (gourmand + amber)
- Jumana (gourmand + floral)

Three perfumes, six fragrances to wear. Each gold collection is a treasure casket of secrets. You can wear the fragrances one at a time or combine them to create new, intriguing scents.

The combinations:

Hussar + penumbra
The softness of leather and the sweet notes of cocoa meet in this intriguing combination. At first it is seemingly docile, but sooner or later the flirtatious and mischievous nature of this scent is revealed.

Hussar + jumana
From the union of these two fragrances comes an accord of leather with gourmand nuances, an elegant and refined, warm and sensual fragrance. A wild and mysterious combination that hides an animalic presence among nocturnal amber notes. Who knows from where it may be perceived?

Jumana + penumbra
This is the gourmand accord par excellence, where cocoa and vanilla blend in a comfortable and warm embrace. A scent of seductive tenderness, one that is both carefree and voluptuous.


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