Floral Perfumes

Refined and immortal, floral perfumes enhance femininity in its many facets. The olfactory pyramids focus on delicate and bewitching essences, such as those of jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, lilac, heliotrope and iris.

The great variety of flowers and the numerous possible accords make this olfactory family one of the widest in the entire perfumery. In fact, the floral notes lend themselves to combinations with fresh and energetic essences such as bergamot and lemon, but also to the creation of intense and mysterious blends, sublimated by woody and musky bases. Without forgetting the combinations with fruity and vanilla scents, ideal for those who love gourmand fragrances.

Characteristics of the floral perfume

Floral perfumes are able to satisfy every taste, enhancing even the most eccentric personalities. The disturbing jasmine combines with sensual and hypnotic notes, such as myrrh and sandalwood, to create warm and enveloping olfactory pyramids. A single vaporization is enough to warm up the coldest days.

When the sparkling notes of citrus fruits open the fragrance, the natural sweetness of the flowers is enhanced to the maximum thanks to delicate bouquets and a warm, musky or woody base. Combinations from which floral women's perfumes with an oriental taste are born.

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