Floreal Perfumes Olfactory Collection


In our olfactory collections you will discover the fascination of opening to new possibilities, the beauty of being caught by surprise.

Made to accompany you on this olfactory labyrinth, on this discovery of your true essence, these fragrances will help you find what you’ve been searching for, for so long. They will accompany you in your daily activities as well as in your most special moments.

A way to experience the Aquaflor world, in lieu of meeting you in person in Florence. Five fragrances of 7.5 ml each, the right amount to experience our creations on your own skin.

In our Floral collection we rediscover fresh and delicate notes, as well as rich and sensual, alluring accords, the story of nature, drop by drop. Flower by flower. Jalousie, the essence of spring, MM and its vibrant sensuality, the preciousness of Tzigana, Orphyca and its exotic world and the eternal fascination of Rosae.


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Fragranze artigianali

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