Summer home fragrances: bergamot notes

Also known as the "green gold of Calabria," the bergamot is a citrus fruit rich in properties that find applications in the food industry, cosmetics, and pharmacology. In perfumery, its first appearance dates back to the mid-1700s with the birth of Eau de Cologne, and since then, it has been a constant presence in the composition of prestigious perfumes, providing them with energetic and fresh top notes.

Cultivated in Brazil and the Ivory Coast, in addition to Calabria, where it represents a local excellence, bergamot is actually a natural graft of lemon and bitter orange, and its origins are uncertain. According to some studies, it was imported to Europe by the Crusaders upon their return from the East, while others claim that Christopher Columbus discovered it during his voyages. However, the theory of its autochthonous origin within the temperate tropical microclimate that characterizes the southernmost region of Calabria, Italy, also remains valid. It is from here that the most precious bergamot species (especially for perfumery) still come today, strictly harvested by hand to avoid damaging the precious essential oil contained in the peel.

Today, bergamot is estimated to be used in about 86% of the top notes of perfumes worldwide. The raw material used in perfumery is the essential oil, obtained from the citrus peel through a cold-press extraction process. The vibrant essence of bergamot is characterized by a range of olfactory nuances that range from green to floral and fruity, depending on the cultivation area and the time of harvest. Its scent evokes the positive energy of the sun, capable of providing a feeling of freshness and well-being.

Aquaflor fragrances often draw inspiration from distant places. With Flamboyant, we wanted to create a room fragrance characterized by an aquatic and citrusy accord that captures the fresh and exotic scent of a vacation, the memory of treetops swaying in the wind. Not surprisingly, the name is derived from the French word "flamboyant," which means "undulating movement."

In the opening, you will find the refreshing citrus notes of bergamot and pepper, enveloping you in a revitalizing sea breeze, followed by sandalwood, hibiscus, and moss, which reproduce the salty scent on the skin. The sensation is that of an eternal summer in the Mediterranean.