Tomato leaf and basil

Tomato and basil, as we all know, immediately evoke the Mediterranean diet and the specialties of Italian cuisine in the collective imagination. Two simple yet powerful ingredients, at the core of our culinary culture and an integral part of our experiences, with aromas that instantly bring back childhood memories: grandma's or mom's tomato pasta, walks in the garden, the freshness of freshly picked basil leaves... It's no coincidence that fragrances based on tomato leaf and basil are synonymous with the Mediterranean summer, appreciated for their extremely fresh scent notes and aromatic profile.

In particular, basil represents the quintessential summer herb: originating from India, it thrives in high temperatures and grows well when there is abundant sunlight, characteristics that have allowed it to spread from tropical Asia to the Middle East and Mediterranean regions since ancient times. Basil leaves have always been used in cooking to flavor dishes of all kinds, but in antiquity, this plant was known more for superstitions and beliefs than for culinary use: the Egyptians and Greeks considered it auspicious for the afterlife and used it for embalming, while the Chinese and Arabs attributed medicinal properties to it. During the Middle Ages, basil was used to make ointments and salves for healing wounds, and the crusaders filled their ships with it to ward off insects and neutralize bad odors.

In perfumery, two extracts can be derived from basil leaves: essential oil, characterized by a green anise note (delicately spicy, similar to that of anise), and absolute, a very rare raw material. The combination with the note of tomato leaf is interesting, which is obtained through the synthesis of a natural molecule present in all green plants: if basil can provide freshness and liveliness to a composition through its slightly balsamic aromatic notes, the tomato leaf imparts a green and earthy scent, almost rough, reminiscent of the scents of a summer garden.

With the Frescura room fragrance, we have combined the notes of basil and tomato leaf to recreate the sensation of a morning stroll in the garden, an olfactory image that is almost a childhood memory. A pause under the lemon tree, the scent of basil and aromatic plants in pots along the low wall, the pungent and familiar aroma of crushed tomato leaves in the palm of the hand... Frescura is the evocative fragrance of a Mediterranean garden in summer, perfect for bringing a enveloping aromatic freshness to your spaces.