Tonka Bean

Tonka bean comes from a tree that grows in the Amazonian forests of South America, particularly in Brazil and Venezuela: in the past, it was used to flavor tobacco and make it more pleasant, and in 1793 it was imported to France from Guyana. However, it was only at the end of the 1800s that the olfactory molecule to be used in perfumery, coumarin, was isolated.

The fruits of Tonka Bean tree are harvested between February and May, left to dry for 8-10 months, and finally subjected to a process in which the seeds are extracted. These are dried and then ground passing through solvent extraction, a process from which the tonka bean absolute is obtained: this is the raw material used in perfumery, rich in coumarin and characterized by a varied scent, made up of warm, velvety, enveloping tones, and vanilla and caramel facets.

These are the characteristics that we perfectly find within our room fragrance Porpora: the precious and secretive amber blends with the softness of iris and vanilla, sweet and seductive, ending with tonka bean notes to give elegance and sumptuousness. A story of rare beauty, the sensation of being in a Renaissance palace with regal furnishings, precious woods and velvets to touch to perceive its sophistication. The missing piece in a home decorated with refined style, the perfect scent for a living room or bedroom.