Beeswax Absolute

Known and used since ancient times, beeswax is a precious material rich in benefits: its calming, protective and antiseptic properties make it still used in modern medicine, while in ancient Egypt and other past civilizations it was used both in the cosmetic field and to cover and protect wood.

Beeswax absolute is obtained through alcohol extraction of beewax: characterized by a delicate honey-like and floral fragrance with persistent notes reminiscent of freshly cut hay, the beewax absolute gives different nuances to similar olfactory notes or is used to soften more harsh scents. In particular, it pairs well with tobacco or floral and rural fragrances.

A particularly interesting combination is the one proposed in Renaissance, a room fragrance where beewax absolute marries cypress, juniper and cedar wood. True passion and curiosity are the driving force behind this vivid essence initially produced for an event dedicated to the Oltrarno, the artistic florentine neighborhood. 

With this home fragrance we have chosen to pay homage to the artistic genius of Florence by recreating the essence of the florentine Renaissance, pervaded by the scents of the workshops of artists and craftsmen. An olfactory suggestion obtained through carefully selected materials such as cypress, patchouli, and precious beewax, ingredients that celebrate the richness and the knowledge of the artisan workshops and their arts and crafts that still to this day are renowned throughout the world. Renaissance is an olfactive legacy to always remember the works of art created by these talented hands. Unique and fascinating, a fragrance to relive at home or at work.