Magic Box, Falcone & Hartmann presented their new collection exclusively for Aquaflor

More then a year after “Contaminatio”, designers Falcone & Hartmann came back to present their creations for Aquaflor at “Magic Box”, Christmas installation displayed in the suggestive scenario of Flor Decor that, once again, hosted the exhibition. A night in the name of art and creativity, where Aquaflor’s fragrances met forms, colors and design in an unexpected aesthetic-olfactive fusion. A private event, hosted by Flor Decor on December 6th, where the two designers presented their new collection of perfumery and candles accessories exclusively for Aquaflor.

Nicola Falcone, italian architect and designer, and Ludwig Hartmann, german/ecuadorian designer, create their line of contemporary furnitures and furnishing accessories. Their collections are handmade by skilled tuscan craftsmen and sold throughout the world. These limited-edition pieces are made in materials that are strictly linked to the artisanal history of Florence (brass, iron, copper, marble, alabaster), but their design is contemporary and their allure is timeless.

Among the accessories designed for Aquaflor stands the candle jar with the hummingbird on top, chosen as a symbolic trait-d'union between fragrance and form; the collection also includes several models of candleholders and diffusers, soap dishes and three elegant types of candle snuffer.

“We have started the collaboration with Aquaflor in 2019, when we joined together Maison & Objet in Paris”, says Nicola Falcone. “Since then the artistic synergy, only stopped by the pandemia, is successfully continued and led us to the first Aquaflor event, Contaminatio, on June 2021”. After more than a year, time was ripe for a new edition that would enhance once again the bond between fragrance and matter.

As claimed by Aquaflor, “like the perfume magically connect the visible and touchable world to the olfactive one, we have established the creative collaboration with Falcone & Hartmann and embraced their decorative vision to give form and substance to our fragrances. A synergy able to bring armony and balance to the environment we inhabit.”.