Home fragrances autumnal trend: grapefruit

The only citrus fruit that originated in America rather than Asia, grapefruit is a natural hybrid descended from citrus fruits brought by Europeans to the New World. Its history is difficult to reconstruct, since the name that was originally given to it is not known. What is known is that the first grapefruit appeared in the Barbados Islands in the mid-17th century, and from there it spread to other areas of Central America. During the 16th century it was brought to Florida by the Franciscans, although according to scholars it was the Frenchman Odet Philippe who spread it to continental America during the first decades of the 19th century. Over the years grapefruit cultivation was consolidated in Florida, and new hybrids such as the pink grapefruit were born. To this day Florida and California remain the largest producers of this citrus fruit.

There are different opinions regarding which grapefruit variety is the best: some claim it is the one from Florida, while according to others the best quality would be grapefruit grown on the Central American islands from which it originated. What is certain is that in perfumery, fragrances with grapefruit notes have become very trendy in the last 15/20 years, loved for their fresh, sparkling scent and sunny, tonic notes. A scent with summer tones, but that also goes well with colder seasons thanks to its ability to transmit energy and vitality.

The raw material used in olfactory compositions is grapefruit essential oil, known as white or pink grapefruit: obtained by cold pressing the peels, it has the characteristic of being an unstable substance that tends to spoil very soon, which is why it is used when it is as fresh as possible. Despite being a natural extract, however, the essential oil is unable to reproduce the characteristic almost sulfuric note that the grapefruit releases, a limit overcome thanks to new synthetic molecules which are capable of recreating this characteristic aroma, effectively allowing the development and success of grapefruit fragrances.

At Aquaflor we have created a home fragrance as sunny and energetic as the place from which it takes its name: Florida is characterized by the stimulating energy of grapefruit and Sicilian cedar which combine with the spicy notes of cloves and star anise. Everything is softened by the fruity notes of rosé grapes and the hints of exotic woods. The result is a fragrance that gives a burst of energy, ideal for brightening up your rooms as the first autumn days arrive.