Autumn 2023 special: geranium perfumes

Native to southern Africa, geranium is a plant belonging to the geraniaceae family, commonly used as an ornamental. Yet, its fame in the West is relatively recent: widely spread on the African continent, and particularly in South Africa where there are now more than 200 species, the geranium was discovered at the Cape of Good Hope by a German botanist traveling aboard Dutch merchant ships and arrived in Europe in 1672, managing to survive the long return journey. Since then, the plant began to be cultivated and studied in the Netherlands, and spread to the rest of Europe.

Geranium has several therapeutic properties due to the presence of active ingredients that make it a valuable ally in the treatment of certain diseases. Antibacterial and antifungal, geranium essential oil is a natural tranquilizer against stress and anxiety and has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and mucous membrane-soothing properties: it promotes healing, has a purifying action on skin disorders of various kinds and is effective against a large number of infections, also acting as an insect repellent.

In perfumery, geranium is used in the construction of the so-called fougère fragrances, which also include lavender, vetiver, oakmoss, and tonka bean accords. The aromatic essence of geranium resembles that of the rose and is obtained by distilling the leaves of the plant rather than the flowers. A raw material that is characterized by a fresh, green aroma profile with delicate hints of mint and cucumber, which is also particularly popular in men's fragrances.

Travel and memories of distant lands are a source of inspiration for Aquaflor fragrances, which become the representation of evocative olfactory itineraries. The Beirout perfume was born from our love for this city and its people and wants to be a tribute to Lebanon and the Middle East through the use of native raw materials such as cedar wood and bergamot. A multifaceted fragrance full of contradictions, just like the city it represents: the olfactory notes seem to contrast with each other in a succession of scents, ranging from citrus touches to woody facets, passing through fougère accords.

The top notes give a touch of freshness thanks to the scents of bergamot, while the heart enchants us with the exuberant accord of Damascus rose and tonka bean, and also with the note of cedar, an emblematic wood of Lebanon; finally, the base reveals an intense character thanks to a well-balanced combination of vanilla, amber and patchouli. A continuous discovery, a different sensation every time the perfume is sprayed.