Vanilla and gourmand fragrances

Winter season is synonymous with short days, low light and cold weather. It's not surprising that one of the current fragrance trends is represented by gourmand perfumes, scents inspired by the pastry world that can give a warm and enveloping aura to the person wearing them: notes of vanilla, caramel, milk, cocoa... a tempting mix (the term "gourmand" in french means exactly this) particularly suitable for the cold and gloomy winter months, as it is capable of awakening and stimulating the senses, evoking flavors and pleasant moments.

For these reasons Vanilla is one of the trending ingredients this winter 2022-2023: a particularly precious raw material, whose scent brings back joyful childhood memories and evokes the pleasant fragrance of sweets.

Vanilla belongs to the orchid family and has been used since ancient times: in Central America, the Maya and Aztecs already used its pods more than 2,000 years ago to flavor their cocoa-based drinks. When it arrived in Europe at the beginning of 1500, it took a long time before the secret of the fertilization of its flowers was discovered: the insemination procedure is very complex, requires delicacy and precision, and is carried out manually from flower to flower.

This contributes to making vanilla a precious ingredient. Among the different varieties, the Bourbon from Madagascar and Réunion Island is particularly precious, producing high-quality pods from a very limited production.

Among the Aquaflor perfumes that enhance this ingredient, our Jumana stands out: a tempting olfactory picture that tells the infinite nuances of vanilla. Jumana is an arabic woman name meaning "pearl" or, according to other definitions, also "the rose of Maghreb." Jumana is a seductive fragrance full of personality, fascinating like a Middle Eastern woman.

We created this suggestion through a sequence of contrasts, made even deeper by the unmistakable imprint of heliotrope, which reveals all the different facets of the vanilla pod: not only its sweet and soft tones, highlighted by the floral scent of rose, but also its spicy notes and more woody background notes, which complete this intense sillage thanks to the warm and sensual amber essence of benzoin from Siam.