Winter 2023 trends: tobacco

Among the olfactory trends of the season, our proposal falls on tobacco, a timeless raw material whose refined, elegant and decisive notes are usually preferred in the autumn and winter months and are able to give great character to a perfume.

The first uses of tobacco date back to the pre-columbian civilizations of Central America, who used it both in spiritual rituals and as a medicine or remedy to alleviate pain.

Introduced in Europe by Spanish colonizers, in the mid-16th century it began to be promoted for its healing properties, so much that the French ambassador in Portugal, Jean Nicot, sent tobacco powder to Queen Catherine de Medici as a treatment for her son's terrible migraines.

In perfumery i used the absolute essence extracted from tobacco leaves, characterized by its enveloping, refined and decisive fragrance and a leathery note that is suitable for various combinations. 

These are the features we find in our La Habana tobacco, a very special olfactory creation in which we wanted to tell the story of the encounter between two worlds: that of the discovery of the Americas, represented by tobacco, with the Caribbean and Cuba as protagonists, and the European world represented by provencal lavender.

La Habana takes us into the labyrinth of memory, on a journey from Europe to discover Cuba. Among its top notes lavender, the scent of its freshly gathered spikes, creates a refreshing and aromatic harmony in the agreement with the notes of tobacco, so surprising and mysterious, enriched and sweetened by patchouli.

The base notes are persistent but velvety thanks to a soft sandalwood that blends with the sweet accord of amber and tonka bean. Fingers quickly slide to open up a box, precious cigars inside: we are in La Habana.