Spring scent: lily of the valley

A small and delicate flower that has always been associated with spring, lily of the valley comes from an herbaceous perennial plant that loves cool, shady climates and grows wild in valleys and pre-Alpine forests. Its white and fragrant flowers with a bell-shaped corolla make their appearance between April and May, decreeing the beginning of the beautiful season, so much that even to this day in France it is customary to celebrate the arrival of spring precisely by giving lily of the valley as a symbol of good omen: the tradition behind the Feast of the Lily of the Valley is linked to May 1, a day that in the past was considered the beginning of the spring season, and dates back to 1561 when Charles IX decided to start offering bouquets of lily of the valley to the ladies of the court every year as a good luck charm.

As a plant that is poisonous, lily of the valley has always been fascinating because of the delicacy of its flowers, characterized by a fresh, floral scent that becomes soft and musky as the hours pass. Although its essential oil cannot be extracted, the sophisticated and discreet aroma of this flower is frequently used in perfumery with the help of synthetic molecules, usually a supporting role within floral compositions. The note of lily of the valley is able to lend grace and elegance to the perfumes in which it is used, resulting in fragrances particularly suited for those who like to leave a breath of freshness around them.

In Aquaflor we are very attached to spring fragrances, and with Fleuri we wanted to create one that would allow you to wear spring itself, to be enveloped in its freshness and verious scents. The name anticipates it and the fragrance confirms it from the very first notes: Fleuri is a bouquet to be discovered, a harmonious dance of flowers whose scent is eternal.

In the opening, citrusy and spicy touches of lime and cardamom are overwhelmed by the extraordinary intensity of lily of the valley. Jasmine, rose, orange blossom and Ylang-Ylang are revealed, adding sensuality to a persuasive composition. This is followed by poudré notes,with a powdery-light iris that closes this olfactory journey. A fragrance as elegant and delicate as freshly picked petals.