Insider Tips and Tricks: discover the usage secrets of Aquaflor products

Aquaflor's current fragrance collection boasts numerous products including personal perfumes - divided into Nobili, Preziosi and Rari - florentine colognes, hydrating waters, home fragrances, candles and soaps. But not everyone knows that some of our most loved fragrances are particularly versatile and lend themselves to more than one use. So here are the usage secrets that lie behind Aquaflor products!

Our hydrating waters, available in six different fragrances, have a double function: on the one hand, they are a pleasant lotion to refresh the body and wake it up in the morning thanks to their delicate fragrance, perfect for those who do not like perfumes that are too intense; on the other hand, their hydrating properties make them ideal to apply after a bath or shower to give the skin a softness sensation and end the day with a gesture that becomes an authentic beauty ritual.


We have chosen to adapt some of our most popular personal perfumes into body soaps featuring the same scent, so to extend the olfactory experience of your favorite fragrance into your daily routine.

This is the case for two of our most beloved best-sellers, MM and Empereur: in the MM soap bars we rediscover all the seductive charm of the iconic scent inspired by Marilyn Monroe, while the Empereur soap perfectly complements the timeless effervescence of the homonym fragrance.

Also, for those who love the floral and velvety scent of Rosae, rose soap bars are available, while the Tiarè ones are ideal to complete the tropical olfactory picture of Orphyca. All the scented soaps are available in three forms: lingotto, lingottino and soldino.


To make even the smallest daily routine a true moment of pleasure we have developed our famous Tomato Leaf fragrance, loved for its fresh and rural scent, into three different formats: soap bar, liquid soap, and hand moisturizing cream.

The liquid soap gently cleanses with its light texture foam, providing a sensation of freshness and well-being.

For the lovers of our handmade soap bars, Tomato Leaf is also available in the lingotto form.

Eventually, to complete the beauty routine, we have created a hand moisturizing cream: applied immediately after cleansing, its light and non-greasy texture is quickly absorbed and leaves soft, nourished, and delicately scented hands.


Aquapura hand sanitizer can also be used as a car air freshener: sprayed inside the car, its delicately citrusy scent provides a touch of freshness and a feeling of clean air, ideal for perfuming without excess.