Il Profumo dei Ricordi

The sense of smell plays an essential role in our lives.

It's functional to our survival: detecting odors allows us to recognize potential danger signals like gas leaks or spoiled food.

It's defined as the social sense, because it influences how we choose and build the closest relationships with others.

It's connected to our memories. At least once, we've all experienced its effect on episodic memory: it's what happens when we smell a scent that reminds us of a moment and, thanks to our sense of smell, we relive it as if it were the first time.

There are people who know more than others about the impact of losing the sense of smell in everyday life: about 30 million men and women in Europe live with chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps, an inflammatory condition much more widespread than one might think. A condition that entails symptoms such as nasal obstruction, runny nose, and anosmia, or loss of smell, which overall have a profound impact on their quality of life both physically and psychologically.

Born from the desire to contribute to raising awareness on a topic close to us, we are pleased to present Il Profumo dei Ricordi, the new Aquaflor ambient fragrance. An idea inspired by the stories of those who, due to chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps, have lost their sense of smell and who today, thanks to research, have been able to give new meaning to their lives. Il Profumo dei Ricordi is produced in limited edition and will be available exclusively for sale in our Florence boutique and on the website. We are delighted to participate in an initiative that speaks of rediscovered memories and supports patient associations, project partners FederAsma and Allergie Odv, and Respiriamo Insieme APS, which have always been committed to supporting people affected by respiratory diseases.

Il Profumo dei Ricordi is a project by Sanofi, an innovative and global health company driven by a precise purpose: to challenge the boundaries of science in order to improve people's lives.

In its 50 years of history, Sanofi has developed the first treatments for many lysosomal storage diseases, as well as drugs for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases that now represent the standard of care. Its commitment to public health has protected millions of people from influenza every year for decades and has helped eradicate polio. Its distinctive vision of research has led to revolutionary innovations in the treatment of inflammatory diseases such as chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps, severe atopic dermatitis, and severe asthma, and looks to the future with the ambition to establish Sanofi as a leading company in immunology.


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