Aquaflor hosts the exhibition Wunderkammer

Wunderkammer is a celebration of new chapter for Aquaflor, it is an exploration of the world of olfactory through the other senses. The boutique is becoming a creative space, a portal into the world of dreams.

Perfume is passage between physical and spiritual, tangible and intangible, visible and invisible. 

Can you bottle mystery, contain nostalgia and extract passion? This is the question that became the inspiration for the Wunderkammer exhibition. 


All the works of art presented in Wunderkammer were inspired by the perfumes of the Aquaflor collection, narrating and interpreting them through painting, photography, and installations. 


Polina Stepanova, artist and curator of this exhibition, in collaboration with Polimida students and emerging creatives of Florence, worked on unique pieces created exclusively for this event.



What is alchemy? 

A clash, a Union, a dichotomy, a transformation. Calligraphy escaping the paper, vodun nails, memories trapped in the door frames, dog who lost its nose, an unknown unfolding towards you like a scent anchoring to your soul’s deepest corners. An abstract shape bringing vivid associations.


Wunderkammer exhibition features the works of

Melissa Baseman

Phoebe Evans

Georgia Forconi

Eva di Franco

Samira Koehler

Magdalena Kohlmaier

Sofia Musolas

Ana Rosemback

Julia Sette

Diana Solis

Kajsa Stenvinkel

Polina Stepanova

Jenna Tatham

Maria Bøe Tesfamichael

Vitalia Vasilieva

Bazzari Yara

Project coordinator by Richie Ye


Special thanks to 

Artemisia Fioristi

Arlo Haisek

Marco Mariani


Photography and communication by

Madelyn Bell

Julia Dzhobava

Maria Leontieva